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Simmerstats is an electrical control device which turns a heating element on and off in a fixed cycle.

Application of Industrial Simmerstats: Energy regulator control is applied with saving and convenience to an extremely wide range of process heating apparatus replacing a resistance or potentiometer.

  • In apparatus where it is inconvenient or impossible to fit any type of thermostat, e.g. hot plates, injection moulding nozzles, moulding patterns, etc.
  • For small, high temperature ovens and furnaces where the costs of temperature control would be excessive.
  • For any heating process where the temperature is a function of power input only.
  • To control the rate of change of temperature in a furnace with a view to reducing the differential or temperature spread permitted by conventional temperature controllers.
  • For controlling the input to a furnace so as to obtain rapid heating without undue overrun at the operating temperature.
  • To control the average output of a motor driving, for instance, a conveyor or pump where there id no objection to the motor being periodically started and stopped, e.g. a pump filling a tank, a motor driving an automatic stoker or a belt travelling through a furnace.